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  • Spurs - Nuggets First Round Predictions
    The San Antonio Spurs don’t seem to play with the urgency that they once did. Maybe that comes with winning several titles and being renowned as the best in the west for a number of years. They’ll face off against the number six seed Denver Nuggets in round one as they join the hunt for another title. Denver made the bold move of bringing over a scorer, Allen Iverson, to join another scorer, Carmelo Anthony. In the past, this scenario has not pa Read More...
  • 2006 Mid-Season NBA Breakdown of the Denver Nuggets
    DENVER NUGGETS 28-26 What has changed:In the 05’ portion of this 05-06 season it was the Jazz and T’Wolves who were leading the division. But since Camby and Martin cam back from injury it’s been a different story and the Nuggets are now the division leader. Carmelo Anthony is having a great year. His 26 PPG is keeping them alive. Often the Nugget’s chances in some of their games come down to whether or not Anthony can score 30. Also having a Read More...
  • Buy Land in Hawaii Inch by Inch
    Aloha! Are you interested in owning land in the beautiful State of Hawaii? You know the land of the pineapple and grass skirts? Well here is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. OK. OK. Watch’s the catch? Well sure, the parcels are small, only one square inch in size, but the deed one can purchase proving ownership of your mini-estate is full-sized, in color, with the customer’s name on it and that’s what counts. This has to be one of t Read More...